All of the modules of Clinical Foundations are accredited by the AARC for 2.0 CRCEs. These are provided free-of-charge through the generosity of Teleflex Medical. In order to receive your CRCE credits you must do the following.


1. Download the article. All past modules of Clinical Foundations can be downloaded from the "Past issues" page or by clicking here. All of our modules currently are accredited for CRCE credits.


2. After you have read the module, go to and register (left column).


3. The test you wish to take should be visible on the right. Click the test and answer the multiple choice questions. A score of 75% is required to pass. You will then be asked to take a quick survey regarding the learning objectives. Once this is done you may click on the PRINT button to print out your certificate of completion.


4. If you are an AARC member, your results are automatically forwarded to the AARC for credit. Please allow about one to two weeks for your results to be updated.


If you are having any problems logging in. printing your tests, or cannot see the test you wish to take, please refer to our FAQ page at



If you cannot see the test you wish to take, please check your profile at and make sure you are registered as the correct speciality (ie. Respiratory Therapist) . All issues of Clinical Foundations are accredited for respiratory therapists and some of them are accredited for nurses and nurse anesthetists. If you cannot see a test it is because the speciality that you registered under is not accredited for that issue.


After completing a test, do not click the "back" button until you have printed our your certificate. If you do you cannot return to print your certificate. The "Print button will be visible at the bottom of your screen.



In order to take your tests you must go to and login.